lunes, 17 de marzo de 2008

Eat me Alice

Back in the wastelands XD

I needed to take a break from my world. These past days I had a chance to remember certain moments of my youth, and to think a lot about what's been going on lately.

Right now I need to finish my class project, and study because I have 3 exams right after holy week.

Last week I spoke with an old friend, it had been like 3 years since the last time, so it was pretty relaxing and nostalgic.

For now this will be all. I'm seriously thinking about a new strategy for things, or just a new hobby XD. I'm receiving driving lessons with the most unexpected teacher (mostly due to the fact that I already know how to drive XD), and yes, things haven't been going as smooth as I wished, but that's life....

Take it and learn from it

Stargazer's Kingdom

El lugar de descanso de las memorias de un espectador mas de eso que llamamos "vida"...