lunes, 21 de julio de 2008

She said it

"You're kind and gentle, however, you get too attached to people, and that will hurt you forever unless you do something".

She was right.

And I'll do something. I'll grow stronger to withstand the pain. I won't stop caring for others, not because I'm already used to it, but for the same reason I am who I am... because I like it =3.

I have chosen my path, the only thing left is to become a better man through this path. I could have chosen evilness and supreme coldness once again (it worked the first time many years ago), yet that is not what I want: It takes a better man to remain stand after the storm (no matter how perfect it is) and it's not impossible to become that man.
All my life I thought I was cursed and my destiny was already sealed. Well, fuck that! I'm not fighting a lost battle, this is a battle of guts against fear, sorrow, guilt, and pain, and everybody knows that the winner will always be the most stubborn one, and that is me XD.

The answer is not hate, nor resentment, not even suffering. The answer is... well the answer is something pretty obvious, and I'm not telling XD.

What you told me was a truth that I've been playing with since a long time. "People will always betray you whenever they feel like it, so not getting attached to people is the smartest answer".

Perhaps believing in others no matter what will make you an idiot. However: "Nothing is impossible as long as there is someone stupid enough to believe". And this can apply to people too.


I still believe in you

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