miércoles, 23 de julio de 2008

Wake up and smell the coffee.... not!

*retard moment* ughooooeeeeeoohhhhh*retard moment off*

Couldn't do it. Damn
So tired...
The programs database still refuses to hold the information
Without that my program is just an empty never-filling shell

And there's no more time. Besides, my teammates for PE need me to finish the other project.

I failed you Shaq... I failed you

my head is about to explode

And I ran out of coffee

I'm losing all my senses...

And still I can't find "The Sarah Silverman Program" funny XD. It must really be a show for people who were raised by booger consuming junkies, 'coz even in my most dreadful moment I find it stupid

Good Night America....

Esteban the zombie on guard

Stargazer's Kingdom

El lugar de descanso de las memorias de un espectador mas de eso que llamamos "vida"...