sábado, 2 de agosto de 2008

It's not desperation

I found that I needed to improve myself with this new purpose

The reason?

For the first time in my life....

The reason is me =D

I'm not doing this for anybody, or to get someone's approval, I just want to change so I can complete the puzzle.

One person told me, it's a shame 'coz your hate, sorrow and resentment are holding your back from becoming a great person.

And he was right. And I also felt a little ashamed, because I had to learn this lesson from the only person I'd never thought of.

It's nice 'cause I feel alive in more than one way, even if the change has been tiny. I won't lose myself to an ideal again, but I'll find a way to balance the board, at least I promised that to myself.

A man has to live up to his word right?

Stargazer's Kingdom

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